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Pocket Microscope Glaze Thickness Measurement

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A pocket microscope fitted with a graticule can be used to measure the thickness of fired glaze in ceramics

This is a destructive test - the piece needs to be broken so that a measurement can be made


The Glaze Thickness Pocket Microscope is held against the edge of a cut piece of fired ceramics and a the thickness of the glaze and also the sub surface can be easily seen under magnification.

There is a graticule (scale) that can be set to 0.02mm

The economy version of the glaze thickness measurement microscope has a convenient battery operated light source. Focusing uses a small wheel set into the side of the instrument

Magnification is x100

Product Code

MIC002 - Economy version of the pocket microscope with X100 magnification, fitted with battery operated light source and graticule 0.02mm