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Linseis Chart Paper and Pens

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Chart Paper and pens for a variety of Linseis Chart Recorders


We are able to supply a wide range of chart paper and pens for the range of Linseis Chart Recorders

Product Code

For Linseis Chart Recorders Series L250/E; L200/E; L120/E

Paper Rolls 16m long
250mm x 100 divisions (packs 10) 80003001/10
200mm x 100 divisions (packs 10) 80003008/10
120mm x 50 divisions (packs 10) 80004008/10

Pens (Pk 5) Green L120/1
Pens (Pk 5) Red L120/2
Pens (Pk 5) Blue L120/3
Pens (Pk 5) Brown L120/4
Pens (Pk 5) Black L120/5
Pens (Pk 5) Violet L120/6

For Linseis Chart Recorders Series L2001/L2005/L7005/L7600

Pens (pk 5) Green L2001/1
Pens (pk 5) Red L2001/2
Pens (pk 5) Blue L2001/3
Pens (pk 5) Brown L2001/4
Pens (pk 5) Black L2001/5
Pens (pk 5) Violet L2001/6

For Linseis Chart Recorders Series LM23/LM24/L6012/L6522

Pens (pk 5) Green LO3001
Pens (pk 5) Red LO300/2

For Linseis Chart Recorders Series L2005+E/L2006/L2007/L2200/L7005B/LY171/LY181

Pens (pk 5) Green L2005/12
Pens (pk 5) Red L2005/22
Pens (pk 5) Blue L2005/32
Pens (pk 5) Brown L2005/42
Pens (pk 5) Black L2005/52
Pens (pk 5) Violet L2005/62

For Linseis Chart Recorders Series L6512/L6514/LS5

Pens (Pk 5) Green LS210
Pens (Pk 5) Red LS220
Pens (Pk 5) Blue LS230
Pens (Pk 5) Brown LS240