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HP2136 Colour Difference Meter

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The HP2136 is a simple hand held colour difference meter at an economical price
Based on the CIE standard for colour difference, the instrument meets the requirements of many international standards for measuring L a b and DL da and db together with Lch values

The unit is very easy to use with simple functionality making it ideal for factory floor or laboratory use and is supplied in a robust metal carrying case.

Power can be either using 2 AA batteries or using a mains cable connection.
The unit also comes with data retrieval software and a PC connection cable


Test Accuracy within 0.2 DE*ab
Display DE*ab CIE-Lab, DL Da Db CIE-Lch
Range L =0-100: a = -128 to +127: b= -128 to +127
Test Time approx 3 seconds
Interval 2 seconds
Test Aperture 8mm dia
Test Angle CIE 10 deg Standard Observer
Light Source - C Light source
Sensor Correct Silicon Photodiode
Power - either 15V ac or 2 x AA Batteries
Dimensions 171 x 50 x 49mm
Weight 204gm (without batteries)
Operating conditions 0-40C: Lower than 85% Relative Humidity
Unit is supplied in robust carrying case and includes a power adapter USB cable, Software CD

Product Code

Portable Colour Difference Meter HP2136