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Pyknometer / Density Can/Pint Weight Can



Slip density is an important in-process quality control test. Our range of density cans (Pyknometers) offer accurate results
Traditionally known as "pint weight cans" we offer both metric and imperial units


Our Pyknometers are supplied in a variety of sizes to suit most needs. We are also able to offer custom sizes. They are manufactured from stainless steel which means that they are robust and usually unaffected by rough handling

Each pyknometer is supplied with a matched lid and has been calibrated.

The lids have a hole in the centre which is used to expel the overfilled can. This removes the problem with assessing the meniscus .

The method of use is easy. Weigh a clean dry can and lid. then fill with slip to the top of the can and replace the lid. Excess slip will come from the hole in the lid. Clean the outside of the can and lid and reweigh. From this you can calculate the mass of the slip and using the volume, calculate the density.

Note that there can be slight changes in density as a result of varying temperature. ( see chart in the pdf) This is generally only a small error and can be discounted in most cases.
(Our cans are calibrated using demineralised water at 20C)

Product Code

Metric Pyknometers
100ml capacity PYK100
500ml capacity PYK500
1000 ml capacity PYK1L
Don't see the capacity you want? Then simply ask and we can custom make a can for you
Imperial Pyknometers
1 pint capacity PYK1PT