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Pfefferkorn Plasticity Tester



A Pfefferkorn Clay Hardness Tester suitable for the evaluation of ceramic materials workability, plasticity and moisture content


The Anderen Pfefferkorn Apparatus is based on the verification of the deformation of the sample as a result of the fall of the calibrated plate on the underlying test body shaped by means of the ancillary shaping tool.

The apparatus has 2 reading scales: one measures the deformation in mm; the second one determines the test body deformation according to the Pfefferkorn Theory

This measurement can be used to assess the plasticity of a clay body.

It is possible to get an approximation of moisture content of the clay body from the plasticity reading. To do that you need to create a graph of readings against moisture.
First make up a sample and check the moisture content using a balance and oven or a moisture balance. Then take a series of readings as the sample dries out. On each test also check moisture levels. From this data create a curve and this can then be used to simply assess moisture content

Includes a sample shaping tool
Dimensions: 250x370x480 mm
Weight: 24 kg

Product Code

Pfefferkorn Apparatus (inc shaping tool) PFEF
Sample shaping tool PFEFTOOL