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Deep Abrasion Testers for ceramics testing to ISO 10545-6

TilesISO 10545 - 06


This Deep Abrasion Tester is for the determination of the resistance to abrasion of the unglazed ceramic tiles according to ISO 10545-6


Instrument for determining depth abrasion resistance of unglazed ceramic tiles
to ISO 10545-6
The test involves exposing the sample to the abrasive action of a steel disk rotating in contact with the sample
Corundum is introduced between the wheel and sample through a controlled trickle system
After the test period the length of the abraded strip is measured and the volume of the material
removed is calculated. The latter will act as the benchmark parameter for test classification.

Product advantages:
• Calibrated and ready to be used
• Automatic test cycle
• Repeatability and reliability
• Robust construction
• Compact and easy to use

General characteristics:
* Epoxy powder painted sheet metal structure.
* Vibration-damping feet.
* 600 cc corundum container fitted with automatic trickle system
* The steady pressure of the test sample on the abrasion disk is achieved by a system of counterweights.
* Automatic test cycle.
* Programming by means of a electronic control panel with keyboard and LCD display.
* Safety front door with micro switch.
* Work chamber lighting

Power Supply 230V single-phase 50/60 Hz.
Overall dimensions: 61x65x74 cm.
Net weight: 52 kg

Product Code

Deep Abrasion Tester to ISO10545-6 DAT-ISO10545-6
The Deep Abrasion Tester is supplied with 2 kg of FEPA 80 corundum.

Consumable spares:
Abrasion standardized disc (net weight: 2.5 kg). DAT-ISO10545-6-DISC
1 kg of FEPA 80 corundum. DAT-ISO10545-6-COR
Calibration plate transparent fused silica) Dimensions 100x100x3 mm DAT-ISO10545-6-CAL
Austrian Marble calibration plate DAT-ISO10545-6-AUS